Introduction to Psy-Metal

Us curious creatures on this small planet in the vast universe have always been curious about Sounds and Rhythms. We figured out a way to harness the power of sounds through rhythm when we realized there was cosmic energy within what later came to be as Music.

Well what is Psy-Metal anyway? What is Metal? What is Psychedelic?

I’m sure by know you know what constitutes Metal music! And you already know trance music, and if you have ever heard of or listened to Psychedelic Trance music then we’re almost there. Yes the 8 minute long psy-trance songs that harness the power of cosmic rhythm that vibrates your psyche for 3 days and three nights!! Not entirely burning-man tho more like a sub genre of that.. anyways!

Psychedelic, Trance, Metal? What do they have all in common? Energy! Pure untapped cosmic energy waiting to be discovered!  Hiding within planetary forces and around galactic pulses dating back to the big bang herself!

Psy-Metal is my new method of harnessing energy! Formulating the mechanics and form of psychedelic-metal like rhythms using elements of classic heavy/thrash metal and modern/industrial sounds.


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